What kind of lawyer do you need for a DUI?

 As I've mentioned before, there are a lot of different types of lawyers to choose from. Some specialize in DUI cases, while others handle just about every case. There are some basic steps you need to take when deciding which kind of lawyer to choose for a DUI case. Here they are:

First off, ask your friends who have had DUI cases for advice. You can even ask other lawyers to give you their opinion and get an honest opinion. If they don't have any friends who have had DUI cases, that's okay. You can still find other good opinions by asking the local bar association. Either way, don't settle for the first recommendation you hear or the most popular lawyer in town.

Second, find out what their rates are like. Some lawyers offer low-cost services. Some lawyers charge very high rates. You have to decide which one is going to be the cheapest and which one is going to be the most expensive for you. Also, make sure the lawyer is well known. There are plenty of DUI lawyers out there but there are also lots of new ones popping up every day.

Third, find out what kind of defense is offered by the lawyer. The state laws on this matter change constantly. So if a certain type of defense was in effect during your arrest, it may not be in effect today. Find out how much time the lawyer will spend defending you. You want someone who will spend as much time defending you as possible. Don't settle for the first lawyer you see. Try to find the best lawyer that you can afford and the one who are going to be the best help for you.

Fourth, find out who handles all the other legal paperwork for you. While it isn't required, you should look for a lawyer who handles all your legal needs. He or she will be handling all the paperwork for you so that everything is in order when you go to court. In some states, you may even be given a form that you have to sign that makes everything you sign, including your plea, official legal documents. If your lawyer handles the paperwork, this can save a lot of time and money.

When you know what kind of lawyer you need for a DUI, you will know what kind of lawyer to hire. Now all that you have to do is find one who fits your budget and your particular needs and schedule. After you find a lawyer, just make sure to follow his or her advice to the letter and let them handle everything. Good luck!


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